Let data tracking make you more objective about your grow


Agriculture was a first occupation of man, and as it embraces the whole earth, it encompasses foundations of all other industries. We are a South African compliance software for farms to trace, secure and simplify transactions along the entire cannabis supply network.

CannaComply helps you create new plants, harvest batches, packages and allows you to track the activity as you're at it with our Cannibus Cultivation Software utilities. 

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Welcome to CannaComply

Empowering Your Cannabis Farming Experience

Let data tracking make you more objective about your grow.

At CannaComply, we acknowledge the timeless significance of farming and its pivotal role in shaping industries. We have collaborated and spoken to individuals who understand the nuances of agriculture, especially in the realm of cannabis cultivation. As pioneers in the field, we proudly introduce a groundbreaking compliance software tailored for South African farms.

Why CannaComply Focuses on the Farmer:

At CannaComply, we put the farmer at the heart of our mission. We've established a private and secure network where cannabis farmers can seamlessly navigate the intricacies of their trade. Our platform ensures that farmers can focus on their passion for farming while we handle the complexities, providing a sanctuary of compliance and efficiency.

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Effortless Plant Management

In our private and secure network, farmers can effortlessly create and manage new plants. From the nurturing stage of seedlings to the flourishing maturity of cannabis plants, our intuitive software allows for meticulous record-keeping, ensuring every step of the cultivation process is accounted for.

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Harvest Batches Made Simple

Harvest season can be chaotic, but not with CannaComply. Our user-friendly tools assist farmers in staying organized. Record vital data, monitor yields, and optimize harvest operations, all within our secure network. This simplifies the entire process, ensuring maximum productivity without compromising security.

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Real-time Activity Tracking

Whether you're in the fields or managing affairs from your office, our real-time tracking feature keeps you informed. Experience the convenience of monitoring your farm activities on the go, all within the confines of our secure network. Stay connected, make informed decisions, and enhance your operational efficiency.

Why Choose CannaComply?

Comprehensive Compliance 

With CannaComply, compliance with South African regulations is not a burden on the farmer. We handle the legal intricacies, allowing farmers to concentrate on what they do best – cultivating high-quality cannabis. Our private and secure network ensures every transaction and interaction is compliant and confidential.

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Data-Driven Objectivity

In our secure environment, farmers harness the power of data to gain objective insights. Our software provides valuable analytics, offering a deep understanding of cultivation processes. Make informed decisions, optimize farming strategies, and elevate your yield, all while safeguarding your data within our private network.

Dedicated Support 

We understand that technology can sometimes be daunting. That's why our team of experts is available 24/7, committed to supporting farmers every step of the way. From seamless software implementation to troubleshooting, we provide unwavering support, ensuring farmers have a seamless experience within the secure confines of CannaComply.

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